Better Call Saul

We had a plan for Saturday, but the fates had other ideas.  One of our close friends had received glowing testimonials about the film Deli Man. It is a documentary about a guy who runs a Jewish Deli. It is not a film with a wide release and the closest plan in which it was playing was an arthouse cinema in Berkeley. There is a well regarded Deli in that very city, so we decided on a themed movie going experience. Watch a film about Jewish Delis and then go eat in one; a similar idea to drinking Chianti after watching Silence of the Lambs, but without the cannibalism.

We arrived in Berkeley in plenty of time and a cup of coffee at a cafe a couple of doors down from the picture house. We met another group of friends and when to purchase tickets only to find that they had sold out. It had not occurred us that the film would be so popular that we would be unable to get tickets.

It was a little early to eat, so we wandered the shops nearby; which included an ice-cream shot that had a line that stretched past several buildings. At at time that was more appropriate for food, although still earlier than we could have eaten if we had seen the film, we headed to Saul’s Deli. It was as well we did arrive early, as not long after we were sat the place was full and it would have been a long wait for a table for eight. Missing the film was frustrating, but not as annoying as seeing food for ninety minutes and then being unable to partake of the Latkes, Lox, and Brisket.

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