Start of Spring

I received a couple of desk calendars for Christmas. One of them is a daily trivia question. The other is a “This Day in History”. The former sits on my desk at work, the latter on my desk at home. 

My niece works at the same office as I do and during College breaks, she works every day and we carpool. This saves her fuel costs and now exposes her to a daily interesting historical fact; she does not see the latter as a benefit. 

On January 5, the first day after the New Year break, the calendar marked the anniversary of Dubček becoming first secretary of the Czech Communist Party in 1968. He started a period of political liberalism known as “The Prague Spring”. This may not seem a terribly relevant historical event, but it has personal resonance. The “Prague Spring” ended in August with a Russian led invasion of the country. My parents had been due to fly to Prague on the day of the invasion; their holiday plans obviously had to change. This was the first world event of which I have any memory, at the tender age of three. This was not the start of a stream of awareness of major news; I can recall nothing else until early 1971 and the UK switch to decimal currency. 

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