Not Really Winning

I posted an entry at the weekend that commented on the problems that American Football had with the concept of Thursday. It is also a sport that has a misunderstanding with the idea of winning. There is one more game left to play of the regular American Football season. After that game we will know the winners in each of the eight divisions. In one of those divisions, the “winner” will have completed the season having lost more games than they have won. The leading teams in the NFC South, who meet at the weekend have both won just six of their first fifteen games, so the best record in will be held by a team who wins seven out of sixteen games. The Jags or Falcons will get a division title that is rather like those awards given at primary school to the losers on Sports Day for participating. The real irony is that, in theory, the sudden-death nature of the play-offs means that that team could get to the SuperBowl. Since they would need to win three games to reach the SuperBowl, they would arrive in the final with a slight winning record. (Ten games out of nineteen) To emerge as “World Champions” they would end up with an amazing 55% win rate.


And do not get me started on how the winner of a competition with all thirty-two teams from one country can be called “World Champions”.



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