I have been in the United States for eight years. In that time my lack of accent has remained. I still know that the letter ‘u’ should be used more often than is the habit here, and I know that ‘r’ goes before ‘e’ in the centre of all theatres. I pronounce route the same way I do root, and beta sounds more like ‘beat her’ than ‘bay tar’.

However, there are signs of corruption. I have, as readers of the blog will know, fallen in love with America’s pastime; the game of baseball. Now, after my wife threw a Western themed Summer party, my choice of footwear had taken a local turn. Ever since that event, I have been wearing the cowboy boots that my wife bought from E-Bay, even though they are not a perfect fit. We are now talking about buying a proper pair of boots. Combined with a Western style belt and hat, I am almost a convincing inhabitant of the Western US, until I speak. “Howdy” sounds as wrong coming from my lips as “Gnarly, dude”

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  1. Cowboy boots? Say it isn’t so!

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