How Wrong Can You Be

On Memorial Day we met up with a couple of friends for lunch at a restaurant in Pleasant Hill. I enjoyed the meal, despite an initial impression caused by the cocktail menu. A single item managed to have four errors in its description. 

IMG 2283

The Classic Martini item is a travesty against all that is proper in the world. A classic Martini is made with Gin and not Vodka. A classic Martini is stirred, not shaken. A classic Martini should have an odd number of olives. A classic Martini should have Vermouth, otherwise it is neat Gin or in the case of this abomination Vodka.

Fortunately, the description of the Sazerac was far more in line with what I would expect. The Rye used is well regarded, although not one I had previously tried. I would have preferred if the bitters and Absinthe were identified, but I went ahead and ordered it. It was well balanced and went some way to placating the pedantic rage that was burning within.

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