Short Term Employment

There is a perception in the US media that being a coach at an NFL team is a precarious position; that owners dismiss coaches at the drop of a hat. Compared to the English Premier League, an NFL coach’s position is one of almost geological stability.

Arsene Wenger is the longest serving manager in the English Premier League. He has been at Arsenal since 1996, longer than any NFL manager has held his post. However, the second most tenured manager in England’s top flight has held the position since December 2010, a little over three years. One quarter of the managers were appointed this year and sixty-five percent were appointed since the end of last season.

Eleven of the thirty-two NFL coaches were appointed in or before 2010. And three of the NFL coaches have been at their team for ten or more years. Granted seven coaches were appointed this year, but that is a lower percentage than in England, and came after the season was complete.

The longest serving manager in English football history was Fred Everiss, who held the position for forty-six years; although that record is beaten in the US by Connie Mack. He was the Athletics’ manager for fifty years.

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Less Than Tempting Offer

I received an email from the dealer that sold me the electric Fiat. It appears below. It offers me a free oil change. This would be a great offer, but electric cars do not require oil changes. It is one of the advantages of having such vehicles, along with doing the equivalent of 125mpg, the cost of the “electric gallon” being 10% less than the petrol gallon, the half price bride tolls, and the free fueling at work. It makes me wonder whether I should believe the claim that is highlighted in the screenshot of the email.

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History in the Making

I have lived in the US since 2006. Therefore, I have missed being present at the A’s historical achievements. I have seen none of their nine World Series wins. I was not present when Henderson set the all time record for base steals. I was not there on the night that they set the record for consecutive wins, but I have seen the movie.

I was not at the Coliseum for Catfish Hunter’s perfect game. I did see the last inning live on TV of Dallas Braden’s perfect game; until last night that was as close as I had been to a moment of major history.

Last night I went to Opening Day at Oakland, my fifth such visit in as many years. Oakland set an all time record for the longest opening day losing streak in baseball history. They lost their first game of the season for the tenth straight year; breaking the previous “best” streak of nine that they jointly held with The Braves and The Giants.

I suppose I can take solace knowing that my presence for the last five years is not wholly to blame for the bad luck, as the A’s were already half way to history before I started going to Opening Day games.

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