What Happens in Vegas Stays on the Blog

Our flight on Thursday night was delayed by about ninety minutes. The good news is that we knew about the delay earlier in the day; which allowed us to leave home later. We arrived after 1am at our hotel; one of several new towers behind The Strip that were not there on my last visit, in 2006. On checking in we were told that two complementary bottles of water were provided each day. When we got to our room, there was no water. Given the hour, I did not want to call and wait on room service, no travel the 36 floors down to the lobby.

I mentioned this morning about the lack of water on our way out. Returning to the room this afternoon, we found eight bottles of water. They had also fixed a table lamp which I had reported as being defunct.

On the way out this morning we saw a poster announcing that The Eagles are playing Saturday and Sunday in Vegas. To our surprise and delight, we were able to secure tickets for the Saturday gig. My wife and I have music tastes which have a very small intersection; The Eagles not only lie on that part of the Venn Diagram, but we both consider them among our favorite acts. We are both very excited.

A shot, taken on the iPad, from our hotel window. Taking a photo through glass into the sun on an iPad is not an ideal situation.


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