At the Movies

Finally, the winter rains arrived. We responded with a weekend at the movies.

I saw Gravity in IMAX 3D; a truly amazing visual truly The only time that I have seen a film where the 3D truly enhanced the experience. I went alone, as my wife had seen and disliked the movie. She had seen it in 2D, further adding to my feeling that the 3D was, for once, important.

On Sunday we watched Vampire Academy, based on a set of books that my wife had enjoyed. She was very disappointed. I saw some intriguing ideas lost in a mess of pacing and too many story lines.

Our third film was one we both enjoyed. Monuments Men was based on a true story. It told of a group of art experts who entered Europe in the dying days of WWII to rescue art treasures looted by the Nazis. A star studded cast, led by director George Clooney, created a thought-provoking, exciting, and humorous film that delighted at multiple levels. I found the amount of street light at odds with the possibility of bombing and was surprised that the Germans left signposts at every junction. My wife observed that in reality the US government had intended to seize the art, but that the real Monuments Men had insisted that it was returned. This part of the narrative was glossed over. Neither point prevented this from being a thoroughly enjoyable film experience.

On Saturday night, my wife finally had a chance to see Despicable Me 2; now she can see the humour when I do my minion impression ” Bottom “.

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