Stairs That Only Go Down

I work on the fourth floor of a ten-storey office block; well the third floor from a British perspective, but here in the states the Ground floor is labelled as the first floor. The fourth floor is almost totally given over to the technology department, with the rest of the company on the floor above. Most days I need to go up to visit someone on the fifth floor. It would be quicker and simpler to use the staircase, but that is not possible. The doors to the staircase cannot be opened from the stairwell, except on the ground floor. They are there for emergency purposes only; allowing evacuation in the the event of a fire.

To get to my office in the morning and even for the one floor intra-company jaunts I have to use the lifts, which is slower than the staircase. OK, it is not slower than the staircase, as if I used the staircase I would need to go down to the ground floor ane then catch the lift up five floors, but you know what I mean.

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