Dangerous Behaviour

I am doing something right now that would have got me into trouble just a few months ago. I am writing this post on an airplane on an iPad before we reach cruising altitude. This is the first time I have flown on a plane with the prohibition lifted, so naturally I am doing something that a few months ago was so dangerous it would result in the plane crashing on take-off.

There is wifi onboard, so I could post this whilst inflight, but since that would cost a small fortune, this will probably get posted when I am home.

Being able to use electronics also enables me to take pictures. Below is my first inflight picture, also the first time I have used by iPad camera.


The flight is from Oakland to Los Angeles; I am visiting our Santa Monica office to meet a new team member. I fly back tonight, so it will be a long day. I left the house at 5am and shall not get back until after 10pm.

The airline, Southwest, does not assign seat numbers. They assign boarding order, which means that the first people on the plane sit in window and aisle seats at the front. As later passengers board, the people in aisle seats have to get up, slowing the boarding process. Since this happens at the front of the plane first, the process is further delayed. It runs counter to common sense, but Southwest manages to be profitable and have good customer satisfaction, so I suppose there are good reasons; since I have no wifi, I cannot Google the rationale.

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