Gas Vegas

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that we were going to Vegas for Presidents’ Day Weekend. The last time I went to Vegas was back in 2006, when I lived in Los Angeles. From LA, it is a straight forward 250 mile drive along a fast freeway; the journey taking less than four hours. Now that I live in Northern California, Sin City is closer to 600 miles away and the drive would take about nine hours. Therefore, we are flying from Oakland, a quick one hour hop.

We shall be hiring a car during our visit. This rental is a further advantage of having my new Fiat. To offset concerns about the range of the electric car, Fiat offer owners twelve days of free rental a year. Thus we save ourselves more money, albeit I shall have to reacquaint myself with those strange things called petrol pumps, as the rental car will have a gasoline engine.

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  1. Tell me, does your electric car run on Free-range or intensively farmed electrons?

    • Since much of California’s renewable energy is from Solar power and I recharge my car at night; I would guess that only about 5% of my energy use is renewable. You can see real time usage of renewable sources and total electric usage at the following URL

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