The Doctor

Today is 23 November 2013; fifty years ago to the day a BBC programme aired for the first time. It’s first broadcast was overshadowed by the previous day’s events in Dallas, Texas. No one would have thought that half a century later, both events would be commemorated. Today, a special fiftieth anniversary episode of Doctor Who will be broadcast simultaneously around the world.

Here in California it starts at 11:50am and will be shown without commercial breaks. It is also being shown in 3-D in some cinemas; unfortunately the tickets for the SF show were sold out before I could procure one. I shall watch it on TV; although the cinema close to work is showing it on Monday evening, so I might be tempted to rewatch.

Last night, we watched a dramatization of the story behind the start of the show and the first actor to play the lead role. It ended with the decision to let go of William Hartnell and have the Doctor regenerate so that he could be played by a different actor. The sacking was necessitated by failing health and increasingly curmudgeonly behavior on set. That change enabled the show to continue to run for so many years, as it provided a way to change the lead actor at will. The drama carried a surprisingly emotional impact; even effecting my Who-sceptical wife. 

Here is to the next fifty years.

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