Customer Service without Aloha

Good customer service is always important, but never no more so than when something goes wrong. We had a demonstration of that on Wednesday night.

We dinned at The Tidepools in the Grand Hyatt Resort. The dining area consisted of open air huts surrounded by waterfalls and koi filled pools. The stunning ambience was matched by the quality of food and service.


After a wonderful meal we sauntered back to collect our car from the valet. After a longer than expected wait, the valet returned with the car, pointed at a long, deep scratch which had not been there before and mumbled something before vanishing into the parking valet office.

We spent an hour at the hotel, as I rang the car hire company who requested a police report. I asked the valet to contact the police. The hotel security took details, photographed our car, and later the Corvette that the valet had crashed into whilst fetching our car. At no point did the valet department, security, or hotel management come to us and offer an apology. Even after we asked to speak to the Duty Manager, no one reached out to us. The Duty Manager did eventually arrive, but she went into the valet office and did not come and talk to us.

The Hyatt may not know how to treat their customers, but the car rental company (Alamo) and the Kauai police department were courteous and helpful to a fault. Their behavior placed the lack of manners from the Hyatt into starker contrast.

Accidents happen and can be forgiven , but ignoring your customers is far less forgivable. One result is that instead of returning to The Tidepools for our final night, we shall go back to our hotel’s excellent restaurant: Red Salt. That choice would have been different if we had been offered a single “Sorry”.


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