Of Dogs and Pogs

After a large breakfast on Monday, we wanted a light lunch. We walked from the hotel to a small group of shops that included “Puka Dog“, a well-reviewed stall selling dogs. Before any Canine loving readers recoil in disgust, a dog is a beef sausage in a bread roll.

I am not a great fan of Hot Dogs; I usually eat them only at baseball games since that is part of the tradition. These resembled the dogs at the game in the same way that baseball resembles the English child’s game of rounders – in other words hardly any similarity at all, with one being simple & bland and the other deeply intriguing. This dog came with a “secret sauce”, mango relish, and a local mustard. The sausage was good, but with the three added flavours it was truly delightful.

The positioning of the hot dog stall ruined our intentions of a light lunch.

Next door was a gelato shop. I cannot speak to the quality of the ice cream, although Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews speak of it highly. I went for a small scoop of sorbet, but was told that I could have two flavours in that scoop. I went for Mango and Pog. The latter being a fine blend of Pineapple, blood Orange, and Guava.

At least with all of this food, I can point at the fruit and claim health benefits. Moreover, we walked to and from the eating. Does clutching at straws also count as exercise ?

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