This vacation is brought to you by the letter “K” and a bunch of vowels; we are staying on Kauai in a hotel called Koa Kea. Kauai is the Most Northerly of the major islands in the Hawaiian chain. Before you wonder if Northern means cold, the forecast is for the daily temperatures to vary between a high of 84 and a low in the wee small hours of about 70.

The rain in Spain may fall mainly on the plain. On Kauai, the rain falls mainly on Mount Wai’ale’ale; 432 inches a year – and there is no decimal point missing. The mountain has the highest rainfall of any point on Earth – even more than Wales. The rest of the island is relatively dry

I am writing this in mid-air. We are flying on Alaska Airlines; a seemingly odd choice for a flight between The Bay Area and Hawaii; however their relationship with American Airlines earns me frequent flyer miles, free checked bags, and priority boarding. Moreover, they fly direct from Oakland to Kauai.

So many maps of the US, show the islands in an offset box not far off the coast of California, that is easy to forget that Hawaii is a long way from the US mainland. The flight time was scheduled, before we had a strong tailwind, at about five and a half hours.

More thoughts on vacation to follow, once we have landed and have a Wifi connection.

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