Of Dogs and Pogs

After a large breakfast on Monday, we wanted a light lunch. We walked from the hotel to a small group of shops that included “Puka Dog“, a well-reviewed stall selling dogs. Before any Canine loving readers recoil in disgust, a dog is a beef sausage in a bread roll.

I am not a great fan of Hot Dogs; I usually eat them only at baseball games since that is part of the tradition. These resembled the dogs at the game in the same way that baseball resembles the English child’s game of rounders – in other words hardly any similarity at all, with one being simple & bland and the other deeply intriguing. This dog came with a “secret sauce”, mango relish, and a local mustard. The sausage was good, but with the three added flavours it was truly delightful.

The positioning of the hot dog stall ruined our intentions of a light lunch.

Next door was a gelato shop. I cannot speak to the quality of the ice cream, although Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews speak of it highly. I went for a small scoop of sorbet, but was told that I could have two flavours in that scoop. I went for Mango and Pog. The latter being a fine blend of Pineapple, blood Orange, and Guava.

At least with all of this food, I can point at the fruit and claim health benefits. Moreover, we walked to and from the eating. Does clutching at straws also count as exercise ?

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Cornflakes for Breakfast

When I visited the States with British friends, they thought my choice of maple syrup drenched French Toast odd. The fact that nearly every place we went had it on the menu should have shown this was not one, of my admittedly many, eccentricities.

On Monday, I had a local variation on the theme. Tu-Tu Style French Toast: Portuguese sweet bread, soaked in egg, and coated with crushed sugared corn flakes. The taste and texture were excellent. The coffee was grown and roasted here on Kauai. The waitress was very friendly, giving us some of her own home grown star-fruit. A good start to the day.

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Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road

I do not have an answer to the question posed in the title of the post. I do, however, wonder of it was first asked by another visitor to Kauai. We saw our first chicken of the vacation, whilst we waited for our car rental. On the drive to our hotel, we saw several more, including a mother with chicks in tow crossing the road.

It seems that various settlers brought chickens with them. Without natural predators, those that escaped captivity thrived. It is also, apparently, illegal to harm them, so they don’t end up on dinner tables.


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This vacation is brought to you by the letter “K” and a bunch of vowels; we are staying on Kauai in a hotel called Koa Kea. Kauai is the Most Northerly of the major islands in the Hawaiian chain. Before you wonder if Northern means cold, the forecast is for the daily temperatures to vary between a high of 84 and a low in the wee small hours of about 70.

The rain in Spain may fall mainly on the plain. On Kauai, the rain falls mainly on Mount Wai’ale’ale; 432 inches a year – and there is no decimal point missing. The mountain has the highest rainfall of any point on Earth – even more than Wales. The rest of the island is relatively dry

I am writing this in mid-air. We are flying on Alaska Airlines; a seemingly odd choice for a flight between The Bay Area and Hawaii; however their relationship with American Airlines earns me frequent flyer miles, free checked bags, and priority boarding. Moreover, they fly direct from Oakland to Kauai.

So many maps of the US, show the islands in an offset box not far off the coast of California, that is easy to forget that Hawaii is a long way from the US mainland. The flight time was scheduled, before we had a strong tailwind, at about five and a half hours.

More thoughts on vacation to follow, once we have landed and have a Wifi connection.

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National Punctuation Day

Today is National Punctuation Day.
Below is a photo of a sign that shows why we need more than a single day to focus people on correct punctuation.


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A Blog By Any Other Name

One side benefit of taking my new job, is that I can leave the blog title alone. If I had stayed with my current employer, I would have had to move to Texas. I would have needed to change the blog’s name to Brit in Dallas or Brit in Texas or Brit in Hot, Flat, Redneck Hell

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Back to Front

After six years, eight months, and fourteen days with my current employer I handed in my notice on Tuesday. My last day is a week on Friday. I have a week off before I start my new job. That week will be spent on a relaxing break on Kauai, one of the Hawaiian islands. I start my new job on the first Monday in October.

I sent my mother, back in Great Britain, an email giving her an update on my job situation. I wrote that I start the new job on 10/7. It did not even occur to me that outside America it seem that I was waiting until July before working again. I have become so used to the odd habit of putting month before day, that I did so automatically – even when writing to someone who expects the day before the month.

One of my first projects in the job I am leaving was to oversee changes to our computer system to display dates as dd/mm/yy when viewed by our UK subsidiary. Throughout the project, I would correct those who called it British format; pointing out it was an International format. Now, I find myself going native and writing the date the American way. Next thing you know is that I will be calling people “dude”.

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Since I arrived in the US, English football has been shown on channels owned by Fox. One of these channels is part of a general sports channel, the other required a specific subscription. With two channels, not all games from the Premier League were shown live; many were time delayed. Moreover, the additional channel was not HD, so the quality of the picture was poor.

This season NBC have the rights to all Premier League games. They have a dedicated sports channel, their main channel, and several other ones dedicated to showing live games. Therefore, all the Saturday 3pm kick-offs can be shown live and in HD. The additional bonus is that none of these channels require additional subscriptions, nor even the sports package. Therefore, I get a better service for less money.

The cynic in my thinks that once NBC have built an audience for this service, we may see charges next season, but I am happy for this season. I am less happy with the results so far, just watched a very disappointing performance and 2-0 loss at Spurs.

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