Taken for a Ride

On Saturday, I went to our local theme park – which is about fifteen minutes from home (Somewhat longer thanks to park traffic on a Saturday in August)

I rode several rides:

Kong: It only reaches 50mph, but with the swinging, swaying, and five inversions it felt faster.


Medusa: My favourite ride of the day. It is somewhat faster at 65mph and has seven inversions.


And the same ride from the ground, that provides some context for the motion

Medusa from the ground

Roar: A more traditional wooden rollercoaster. As I got off the ride, a kid behind me said “I’ve just ridden the largest roller-coaster in the world”. Another boy pointed out that the nearby “Superman” ride was bigger. The kid came back, barely missing a beat, to say “I’ve just ridden the second largest roller-coaster in the world” (For once I was not pedantic and not point out that this ride does not even make top ten of wooden coasters in the world)

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