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The big sporting news here in US was the banning of various baseball players for involvement with Biogenesis, a supplier of performance enhancing drugs. A dozen or so players were banned for fifty games; with Alexander Rodriguez of Damn Yankees getting a 212 game ban. I checked with a couple of UK friends, the story made no splash back in Blighty. I care more about the inclusion of a key Texas player, Nelson Cruz, in the list of guys who will miss the rest of the season; that can only have a positive impact on the race in the West for the A’s.

If that seems odd to my US readers, I also asked if either of these British UK sports geeks knew about Tim Tebow. Both responded with a “who?”, which is not a question anyone in the US could ask given the endless coverage the QB gets in US media.

Mind you, not one of my US colleagues would know that England retained the Ashes. I doubt most of them even know what the Ashes are.

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  1. I think there is a whole book to be written on how hitting things with sticks defines nations.

    • And even the alleged things done that count as cheating. Here it is chemicals. Back in UK, I see South Africans might use tape on their bat – allegedly.

  2. The Ashes are my family! Duh

    • Congrats, Terry, that you were retained by England.

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