My exploration of cocktails has been driven by reading books and websites. I have made drinks based on recipes that I have read; with no way of knowing if they tasted as they should. It would be like learning English from a book – your vocabulary may be good, but you have no way of knowing if your pronunciation is correct.

A few weeks back, I attempted to make a Sazerac, a classic cocktail from New Orleans. It is variation on an Old Fashioned, but spiced up by the addition of Absinthe. This attempt was one of the few cocktails that was disappointing. The flavour was dominated by the anise from the Absinthe. I have so many recipes, that I moved on.

On Saturday, I went to a proper cocktail bar; the excellent Standard Pour in Dallas. I started with their house cocktail; a first-rate Manhattan variation. I thought I would see a proper attempt at a Sazerac. The result was a well balanced drink; with the Rye, the Absinthe, the fruit peel, and the bitters all present and working in harmony.

I shall now revisit the recipe and aim to recreate the taste I experienced.

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  1. I look forward to sampling the result!

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