Derby Day

Monday was baseball’s Home Run Derby Day. This is a competition between baseball’s best sluggers to see who can hit the most home runs. For those not familiar with the game of baseball, a home run is a hit that takes the ball over the fences surrounding the field.  Any hit that is not  a home run is recorded as an “out”; a player has ten of those outs before their turn ends.

This year there was a player from the Oakland A’s participating;  Yoenis Cespedes. He had a massive first round hitting seventeen home runs; tying for third place in the most home runs hit in a round of the competition. He triumphed  in the third and final round with five “outs” to spare; becoming the first Oakland player to win the crown since Mark McGwire in 1992.


There is an oddity in the way that “Derby” is pronounced in the US; instead of saying “DAR-BE”, Americans say “DER-BE”, as though the second letter of the word is an “E” and not an “A’… oh wait… never mind.

I thought I should make an appropriate cocktail for the event. Thus I drank a “Derby”


1oz     Bourbon (Jim Beam Black)
1/2oz Sweet Vermouth (Punt E Mes)
1/2oz  Orange Curacao
1/2oz  Lime Juice

Shake, strain into chilled glass, garnish with wedge of lime and mint leaf.

It was an excellent drink, with a tart edge from the lime, and a hint of the herbal complexity from the vermouth.

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