Wedding in Redding

First there was The Rumble in the Jungle, then was The Thrilla in Manila, now we have The Wedding in Redding. Last weekend my wife and I drove up to Redding, California to attend the wedding of a close friend’s daughter.

Unlike the English town of Reading, Redding California has a spelling to match its pronunciation. It is about 170 miles from our home, with most of the drive being up I-5. This interstate runs from the Mexican border to Canada; a distance of nearly 1400 miles.  We drove for two hours on the freeway, covering less than 10% of the road’s total length. The drive took us past orchards, rice fields, olive groves, and fields of corn. There was only a handful of small towns on the I-5 until we reached Redding. On the way back we took advantage of these farms by purchasing a bag of freshly picked peaches.

It was a blisteringly hot day. For the last thirty minutes, the car’s thermometer showed a temperature of 100F (37C) . During this hottest part of the drive I could see the snow-covered peak of Mount Shasta in the distance; a sensory commentary on the contrasts of California.

The ceremony itself was outside in the blazing heat; at think I sweated the calories I would later gain from the meal.

The bride and groom wrote their own vows, which included a reference to the TV show The Vampire Dairies; which is a first in my experience.

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