Fluid Ounces

Growing up in the seventies in the UK left me handling two different set of measures for liquid. At school we were taught about litres. Our milk was delivered in pints and our petrol was sold in gallons. To this day, beer is sold in pints. Petrol is now sold in litres, but fuel economy is quoted in miles per gallon.

Here in the US, metric measurements are rarely used. Volume is pints and gallons; although the US gallon is smaller than the Imperial gallon. Most of the sources I have for cocktails are American, so the recipes do not use millilitres. Instead they refer to ounces, a shorthand for fluid ounces. The measuring glass and jigger that I own have no metric marks, so even if I have a recipe that is in millilitres or centilitres I need to convert.

In the UK, most bars serve 25ml as a single measure. This is significantly less than 1 US fluid ounce. In the US spirits tend to be measured less precisely, but a shot here is 1.5oz, or about 45ml. Any British drinker should be aware that a single drink in the US will have nearly twice the spirit measure of a pub drink in Blighty.

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