Top Ten Albums

I love making lists of my favourite things.

This night I was listening to albums. Did not get to a full ten, but I heard enough to confirm that these belong in my Top Ten

Human League  : Travelogue
Hawkwind           : Warrior at the Edge of Time
Levellers             : Levelling The Land
Amanda Palmer : Theatre is Evil

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  1. And to think, I remember when you struggled to make your Top 10 favourite Hawkwind albums – because you couldn’t decide what to cut.

    I understand where you’re coming from with “Warrior”, (along with the likes of Space Ritual or In Search of Space) but they all have their jazz breakdowns and poetry. For my lowbrow money I’d give it to their 1980 album “Live 79”. That’s the album where they had put their iconic tracks in their final version (or the version from which new versions would come from) e.g. the first “sung” version of Spirit of the Age.

    Anyway, I’m *sure* you’ll have given The Black Keys “Brothers” a shot, if not do so ASAP.

    PS – miss you bro!

    • PPS, did you know “Master of the Universe” is currently on TV as an advert for the Ford BMax?

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