Tips on Tips

At the end of a pleasant meal on Thursday, I was handed the bill. I proffered my credit card in return. When the credit card slip was returned, there was an additional line at the bottom. This extra information provided pre-calculated tip amounts. I can see this might be useful for the innumerate among the establishment’s diners, so it seems a mostly harmless addition. However, I was slightly perturbed that it listed three amounts; 15% (The standard for a tip in the US), 20%, and 25%. By showing these larger amounts, the restaurant is hoping to make the 15% amount seem too lowly for the tipper to pay and receive a larger amount than the normal.

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  1. There’s actually a restaurant in Albuquerque that only has 18% and 20%; doesn’t even offer 15% (and you have to pick on the portable keypad they bring to the table)!

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