Booze for Breakfast

In general it is not socially acceptable to consume alcohol for breakfast. Yet, if the following conditions are met, it seems perfectly fine here in the US:

a) It is Sunday
b) You call the meal brunch
c) You add fruit-juice to the booze

Thus Champagne and Orange Juice is an acceptable thing to drink of a Sunday morning. This is called Mimosa here in the US, rather than Bucks’ Fizz as it is known in the UK.

The US name seems confusing as it contains not one of the four-hundred species of herbs and shrubs that make up the genus Mimosa.

I suppose the UK name is confusing too, as it is a drink with a good taste that one can admit to liking; unlike Bucks Fizz, the band.

Bucks Fizz
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  1. There’s only 1 reason you watch that clip…

    Cheryl Baker is wearing the Canaries strip?

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