The Big Game

Writing this entry during the Super Bowl XLVII. There will be plenty of time to blog, for as mentioned in previous years’ posts there is a lot of commercials. This game is between San Francisco 49ers and The Baltimore Ravens. The 49ers have won each of their five previous Super Bowl games. The Ravens won their only previous appearance.

The Ravens take their name from Edgar Allen Poe’s story; the author lived and died in the city.

Don’t expect any insights into the actual game. This is only the fourth NFL game I have seen; the other three being the last trio of Super Bowls.

The Ravens take a 7-0 lead.

Bud actually used the word taste in combination with one of their beers. Bud take lead 1-0 in Chutzpah.

And on beer subject, I am drinking proof that you can get good tasting American beer – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

SF narrow deficit to 7-3.

And that is score at end of first quarter.

Doritos run an advert to appeal to the cross-dressing demographic, having started with an advert encouraging goats to eat their product Then Calvin Klein use the word “technology”, they are selling underpants and not smart-phones or cars.

Of course no American beer can hold a candle to Adnams Broadside; dark and strong. My second beer of the game.

14-3 to Ravens. Not looking good for Bay Area.

Brawl on pitch after SF QB throw is intercepted. The first ever interception for a SF quarterback in a Super Bowl. But at least the Star Trek film trailer was excellent.



Disappointing first half adverts and not so hot for the game. Two fifteen minute quarters, which took ninety minutes to play.

Beyonce demonstrates she can do more than lip-sync – she can strut her stuff.

Second half starts with longest touchdown in NFL history. A one-hundred and nine yard run from the end-zone after the kickoff.


Given up on beer and moved to Absinthe.

Iron Man 3 trailer also pretty good.

Half the lights have gone out in the stadium. CBS using opportunity to show more commercials.

Just heard that I am not allowed to write about the game. Any description requires express permission of NFL. I will continue to make remarks about the adverts.

No one has found the coins for the meter. I think the electrical engineer might be a 49ers fan.

Play the Super Bowl in Hawaii, so you can have it in daylight. No need for electric lighting.

Two and a Half hours and we have barely started the second half. Granted the 30 plus minutes in which the richest sporting league on earth tries to get power restored has added to the time.



As a radical non-conformist, I buck tradition and eat wings whilst watching the Super Bowl.

Xxxxx fumble. Xxxx get ball back. You can see I comply with NFL requirement not to repeat any account of game.


Went from searching for biggest win in Super Bowl history to wondering about biggest come back. Game On.

Bud on firmer ground with cute commercial focusing on Clydesdales and not on their beers’ taste or lack thereof.

Jack in the Box give Oakland a name check in an advert that in this down year stands out as better than average. Can’t forgive the chain for ruining their burger by adding a ton of pepper.



And KIA win the best advert for Super Bowl XLVII, with a father explaining where babies come from.


Why is Mercedes trying to sell a car on price? Seems to violate a core brand principle.

We are four hours into a one hour game.

Final 34-31

A lot closer than might have bee guessed when the lights went out.

49ers lose their first Super Bowl, now 5 and 1. Ravens still perfect at 2-0.

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