Not Just Granola

We were taken to Berkeley Bowl, a grocery store that is unsurprisingly in the city of Berkeley. To call it a grocery store is akin to describing Veuve Clicquot as sparkling wine; accurate but a long way short of doing it justice.

The produce department was vast; with more varieties of apples than most supermarkets have types of fruit. There were vegetables or fruits that were so strange that even with labels I had no idea what they were.

The range of beer was spectacular, with some bottles costing more than a decent bottle of wine. The star of this collection, however, was a beer from the town in which I grew up; Adnams Broadside.

Their wine selection was fine, but the categorisation did lack a certain amount of precision. The label below was used to cover all white wines that were neither Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.


There was a wide range of curry sauces, food from Britain, and a cheese selection that was positively European in its breadth.

The store was busy and a significant percentage of the customers did look as though they had been hand-picked by central casting as conforming to Berkeley stereotypes.

The store issues no disposable bags, so it as well that we bought our own bags for the shopping. There is no doubt that we shall return. It lacks the bar of the Napa Wholefoods, but it is close to an area of town called the Gourmet Ghetto; which is full of places to eat lunch after a hard morning shopping.

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