Film Retrospective

Looking back on 2012, I can recall fifteen films that I saw in the cinema. Looking back at my blog for the last year, I see that I twice expressed doubts about he length of forthcoming films. Using IMBd, I see that only five of those films I saw had a running time under two-hours; six of the remaining ten were over two-and-a half hours.

My favourite film of 2012, which I saw early in the year was one of the few short films – The Artist. Another of the shorter movies, was Cabin in the Woods, which also stood out among the year’s best.

There is an outlier, Cloud Atlas, the longest film I saw all year – although it did not seem that way as I watched it. I left the screening with a strong desire to purchase another ticket and see it again. I acknowledge that my appreciation of this film was not universal, for I have seen it on some critics’ list of worst movies. I found the separate, but thematically linked, narratives compelling, and liked the manner in which the film moved back and forth between them.

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  1. It is the rare film which leaves the viewer wishing to see it again. I haven’t yet watched it but need to work it onto my wish list.

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