Call Me, Maybe

When approached in a bar, people may hand out incorrect phone numbers on bar mats to ensure they never hear from the creep again. For a business, this approach seems less than ideal. If you advertise a number on your website, the process of customer contact is improved if that number is yours and not that of a competing business.

A few days after our dish washer joined the choir invisible, the check engine light on our Chrsyler came on. The innate animosity of inanimate objects ensuing that unexpected expenses arrive together over the Holidays. The old Chrysler dealer in Fairfield closed several years ago, but recently I saw signs announcing a new one had opened. Wishing to drive the car as little as possible with the light on, I decided to contact them.

I went to their website, which had a phone number on the masthead. The phone was answered by the Hyundai dealer. I verified that I had dialed correctly. They did not have the number for Chrysler. I returned to the website, to look for another number. A “live chat” option was available; this provided a different number. This number was for the Nissan dealer, but at least this dealer was part of the same parent company and they put me through to the switchboard who could route my call. The switchboard operator listened to my request and transferred me back to the same bloke at the Nisssan dealership.

This would have been a dead end, but much to his credit the chap apologized for the problem, asked me for my phone number, and offered to walk across to the Chrysler dealer and have them ring me.

Ten minutes later, I had a call from the correct dealer. It was easy to schedule an appointment, presumably because no one else in town can ring them. There is a flaw in the Chrysler plan to keep their number secret, I was rung on my mobile phone and now I have their number. This will allow me to contact them in future and make further appointments for car services.

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