Who Needs to Wash Dishes on Christmas Day?

On Christmas morning, I went to unload the dishwasher. The items inside were still dirty. I assumed that I had not set the machine to run the night before, but it became clear that the machine no longer wished to perform the washing of dishes; Merry Christmas from GE.

It did give us an excuse to use our fine china, since we were going to hand wash that night no matter what.

Boxing Day became a hunt for a replacement device. This was not as easy as we had anticipated, as the only machines we found with the features we needed were made by GE and after the lack of reliability on the old item, that was my last choice of manufacturer. We eventually found one that had an excellent set of features and very good flexibility on the racks.

The store said that they could deliver and install on Monday, New Years Eve. My niece wanted it delivered the next day, as she was sure that washing duties would fall to her; however this seemed an acceptable plan. It was explained that installation was done by a third party firm of contractors.

That evening I received a call from the installers saying that they were closed Monday. However, they had slots that were open on Saturday. This was good news, but there was a catch, we needed to verify that the store had the item available for collection. At that point, I entered phone hell, as the store put me on hold, transferred me around before putting me through to the Business Department, which was closed. This was doubly annoying, as this was in the middle of watching the Christmas episode of Doctor Who. I was furious by this point, so my wife took over the duty of navigating phone hold. She asked to speak to the salesman who had sold us ten item. She was able to reach him, and he was able to confirm that the store would have the item on Saturday for collection by the contractor.

The following day, the store’s head office rang with an automated message. The message was cut-off, necessitating another call. They were now saying delivery would take place on Thursday. This sounded like good news, but on reflection I realized that they had stated delivery and not installation. We did not want a dishwasher in a box for two days, nor did we wish to wait for two delivery windows. I called the store, spoke to our salesman who said he would take care of it. He rang back, saying that the delivery and installation would happen as one on Saturday. He may have felt that more could go wrong, as he gave me his personal cell number in case of problem on Saturday, as he was not working that day.

Saturday came, the installer called at a civilized hour, saying he was twenty minutes away. The new machine was delivered, installed, and the old one towed away.

We now have a machine that cleans dishes and does so even more quietly than the previous device,

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