American Percentages

The American gallon is smaller than the Imperial gallon. A gallon in the UK is about 1.2 US gallons. This discrepancy in measurement is well known. Less well known is the difference in percentages. It seems that the American percentage is somewhat smaller than the British percentage. This can be deduced from this packet of juice.

Note that the contents are 100% juice with added ingredients. If this was measured in English percentages, 100% would imply that the box was full of juice with no room for added anything.

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Pointless Question

I was ordering food to go, so that my wife did not have to eat hospital food. They took my order, I handed a credit-card to pay, and then the bloke asked me for my name. I know he needed to call me when the food was cooked, but he asked whilst he had in his hand a card embossed with my name.

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Redefining the Sandwich

Last week a food truck came to our offices. The menu consisted of various burgers, using meat from Niman Ranch. This is meat without antibiotics or added hormones and reared on vegetarian feed.

This healthy meat was somewhat undermined by The Animal Burger, in which the patty was sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches. In other words, we have a sandwich in which the main filling is encased in sandwiches.

I am always willing to try new things, especially when I plan to blog about it; this though was a meal too far.

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Word Confusion

It is well known that American English differs from the real version of the language; a result of an ocean separating the two countries. This can cause confusion when a word means two different things. In the UK chips are called French Fries or just fries. Here in the US the word chips is used to describe potato crisps.

Where it gets really confusing is that Fish and Chips on an American menu means just what a Brit would expect; battered fish with fried potato. It does not mean that you get crisps as a side. See how much simpler things would be if Americans were to use the correct word all of the time.

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Double Standards

There was an article on the BBC website that explained why it was impossible to get proper Haggis in the US. There are two problems; British lamb cannot be imported after BSE in the 80s and Sheep lungs, a key ingredient, cannot be served as food in the US.

It is this latter issue that boggles the mind, US authorities prevent the consumption of sheep lungs, but allow people to eat at Arby’s.

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Word of the Day

Someone who regularly breaks the law

The word was invented in a contest held to come up with a name for those who flouted Prohibition. It was taken and used to name a cocktail; which would, one imagines, have infuriated the temperance minded inventors of the word.

The cocktail consists of Rye Whisky, Vermouth, Lemon Juice, and Grenadine.

I think there is a good drink in there, but the amount of Grenadine that the recipe specified over-sweetened the drink for my taste. I shall need to experiment with different ratios.

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Tools of the Trade

At the weekend my large measuring glass had a meeting with floor from which it did not recover. I went to Amazon to order another. Whilst I was one the site, I also purchased a strainer to allow me to stir cocktails in a glass rather than use the shaker.


The strainer covers the glass, with the springs ensuring a good fit, you can the pour without the ice in the glass tumbling out. Stirring a cocktail ensures a clear drink without tiny particles of ice suspended in the drink; providing a different look and taste.

The first drink I made with my new cocktail tools was one of the least imaginatively named drinks I have tried; the Brandy Vermouth cocktail. This was four parts Brandy to one part Vermouth and a splash of Angostura. Tasty, and easy to remember the ingredients from the name.

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Special Offer

I received an email earlier this week with a special offer with limited availability. It was for a bottle of 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon at a “special pre-order price” of just $99.99. I think I shall pass. It is from a well respected vineyard, but the last time I had a bottle of their wine it was in a a package from a vendor that included Coffee Beans.  I was more impressed with the coffee than the wine.

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Feline Help

Putting Christmas decorations up at the start of the holidays is fun. Taking them down in January is a chore. This year the task of removing ornaments from the tree was made much easier, as our cat had removed well over half by the time that Twelfth Night arrived. Yet another reason to share a home with a feline.


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California Uber Alles

At the time of writing, the current holders of the major US team competitions are as follows:

Stanley Cup Hockey Los Angeles Kings
World Series Baseball San Francisco Giants
Supporters Shield Soccer San Jose Earthquakes
MLS Cup Soccer Los Angeles Galaxy
Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy Basketball Miami Heat
Super Bowl American Football New York Giants

You will notice that four out of six these trophies are held by teams from California.

On Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers beat the Atlanta Falcons to reach next month’s Super Bowl XLVII. If they were to win that game, only the NBA trophy would be outside the Golden State

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