An Unexpected Journey

Despite my reservations, I did see the first part of The Hobbit. The film could do with some editing; specifically in the first forty minutes when the dwarves party in Bagend. I would also have cut some of the scenes with Radgast, despite my Doctor Who influenced affinity for Sylvester McCoy who played the Brown wizard.

The film plays as more of a prequel to Lord of the Rings than the novel. We see Saruman (played  by  the 90 year-old Chris Lee) and Elrond; Sauron is mentioned and we see a Morgul-blade. All of this pre-shadows the darkness that is to come to Middle-Earth; which was absent from The Hobbit.

Once we were past the initial slowness, the film’s running time was not an impediment. The highlight is the interplay between Bilbo and Gollum; which was suitably chilling. Martin Freeman is truly excellent as Bilbo; playing the part as a put-upon Englishman out of his depth in foreign climes.


I am left wondering after the trolls, Gollum, and escape from the Goblins how the remaining plot extends to another two films. The first one does leave me interested enough to find out through attendance.

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