Close Eyes and Hope It Goes Away

My wife has spent most of the last three weeks in hospital. She knew, therefore, that she would not be able to cook for us; so she ordered a meal from a local supermarket. I collected the meal on Christmas Eve , as she had to visit the hospital for a follow-up. I was given a turkey and a box of extras.

My wife returned home and was baffled by the contents of aforementioned box. There was no stuffing and no cranberry. I had unpacked the box and put the contents in the fridge without noticing the absence of these staples. She rang the supermarket and asked about these omissions. The manager admitted that the store had not receive the boxes for turkey dinners; just those for prime rib and ham. This had not been mentioned to me. The manager did a verbal shrug of shoulders. Apparently, no one else who had ordered turkey dinners had complained about the absence of key side dishes. My wife was not satisfied with this laissez faire attitude. She demanded and received cranberry sauce and stuffing from the store’s shelves.

The lesson is that even when my wife is recovering from time in the hospital, you are not going to browbeat her in an argument when she is in the right.

The end result of this fight with “DangerRoute” was a tasty meal that owed more to my wife’s skill than the supplied dishes.

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