There but not yet Back Again

I did not get to the cinema this weekend, so I have yet to see The Hobbit. I love the book, it was read to me as a child and I have read it several times since. I am more than a little perturbed that a relatively short book has been made into three films. Moreover, the first part has a three hour running time.

I also did not enjoy the Lord of the Rings films enough to have rewatched any of them since seeing them in the cinema. It is just my love of the source that gives me any desire to go and see the film.

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  1. Judging by the duration of this film, could be 9 hours of film once all are released. Did it take you more than 9 hours to read the book?

    This was one of my favorite books as a child. After school let out for the summer, I had the opportunity to indulge my night-owl tendencies, and would often read all night then sleep late into the day. This was one of the books I consumed during such a summer holiday. What a lovely, exciting and creative story!

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