Old Fashioned

The first published reference to the word “Cocktail” is in 1806. It describes the drink as: a potent concoction of spirits, bitters, water, and sugar.

During the nineteenth century the breadth of drinks described by the word cocktail widened. The class of drinks that were sugar, water, bitters, and booze became known as an “Old Fashioned”. More recently that name is used for a cocktail in which the spirit is Bourbon. There are several variations, the one i have made uses soda water to dissolve the sugar. I have seen one recipe that uses regular water and another that replaces the sugar and water with simple syrup. Given the difficulty in dissolving sugar in cold water, this last approach would make it easier to create the drink.


The drink was presumably once very popular in the US; as the type of glass in which it is typically is served is called an Old Fashioned Glass.

I enjoy this particular cocktail. I suspect that it’s original intention was to cover rough bourbon as the bitters and sugar take the edge off the whiskey.

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