On Sunday we were shopping in Trader Joe’s when in the baked goods section, I saw packets of Crumpets. These are a favourite of mine, but one that I rarely see here in the US. A packet was immediately thrown into the shopping trolley.

There were a couple of oddities that I noted. Firstly, the packet said British Style Crumpets; this seems a tautological adjective, for whatever sort of crumpets exist? Crumpets are quintessentially British, so describing them as such is akin to talking about German Style Bratwurst. Secondly, the packet proudly proclaimed that the contents were “Fat Free” and “No Cholesterol”; this may be true based on the ingredients, but is terribly misleading. The only way to eat a crumpet is to toast it and then slather it with a mound of butter. Once it is dripping with butter, the fat content of the crumpet itself becomes moot.


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  1. Yum – looking at this makes me so hungry

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