How Did You Enjoy the Play Mrs Lincoln?

We went to see Spielberg’s new film; Lincoln. I am fascinated by the men who have held the office of President of the United States; as evidenced by shelves of biographies and historical studies. It is, of course, impossible not to include in that study, the sixteenth President; the man who freed the slaves and won the US Civil War. I had been looking forward to this film since I heard it about early this year.

My anticipation did not lead to disappointment. The film was excellent, and Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln was outstanding. He portrayed a man, who often seemed hesitant and would relieve strained moments with anecdotes. You saw Abraham Lincoln on screen and not an actor playing a role. The film avoided the greatest hits mode of so many biopics; no scene of rail splitting, nor even of Abe delivering that speech at Gettysburg. The film focuses on the events of early 1865 as Lincoln spots a political window to pass The Thirteenth Amendment and end slavery in the United States. We see him scheme, wheel and deal. He is shown as a flawed man and not the majestic myth he was to become. Here is a Lincoln who could hold a cabinet, a party, and a country together – a job for wiles and not saints. Here is a Lincoln for his time and not that man who “belongs to the ages now.”

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