How Did You Enjoy the Play Mrs Lincoln?

We went to see Spielberg’s new film; Lincoln. I am fascinated by the men who have held the office of President of the United States; as evidenced by shelves of biographies and historical studies. It is, of course, impossible not to include in that study, the sixteenth President; the man who freed the slaves and won the US Civil War. I had been looking forward to this film since I heard it about early this year.

My anticipation did not lead to disappointment. The film was excellent, and Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln was outstanding. He portrayed a man, who often seemed hesitant and would relieve strained moments with anecdotes. You saw Abraham Lincoln on screen and not an actor playing a role. The film avoided the greatest hits mode of so many biopics; no scene of rail splitting, nor even of Abe delivering that speech at Gettysburg. The film focuses on the events of early 1865 as Lincoln spots a political window to pass The Thirteenth Amendment and end slavery in the United States. We see him scheme, wheel and deal. He is shown as a flawed man and not the majestic myth he was to become. Here is a Lincoln who could hold a cabinet, a party, and a country together – a job for wiles and not saints. Here is a Lincoln for his time and not that man who “belongs to the ages now.”

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Fruit for Breakfast

The excess of Thanksgiving lunch behind me, I went for fruit at Breakfast yesterday. It is well known that fruit is healthy, so I had a modest meal with apples.


Ok, the apples were caramelized, placed on a plate of fried, egg soaked bread, and smothered with maple syrup. Oh and it came with a side of bacon. But, it did have fruit, so that must count for something…right?

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Tea Time

I have acquired some odd American habits after half a dozen years in the US. One of those habits is drinking Ice Tea. It is refreshing, tastes better than fizzy drinks, and is not fattening. The latter advantage, I do frequently negate by mixing it with lemonade; an Arnold Palmer.

Ice Tea is available in almost every place that serves food or drink in the US; from fast food chains to fine restaurants. There are places that also serve it pre-sweetened, which seems odd as you have no control over much sweet you half. This is apparently very common in The South.

Last night we ate wings at a great fast-food place called Wingstop; it may shock you to discover that wings are their speciality. They have self-serve drink machines including an ice-tea dispenser. The machine is supposed to provide sweetened black-tea, unsweetened black-tea, sweetened green-tea, and raspberry tea. One of those options is drinkable. In this case, they had put sweetened black-tea on both the first two buttons. Leaving us without our drink.

I have never seen a staff less interested in a problem with service. They shrugged their shoulders, said machine was set up correctly. They said they had no cups for water, so could not give us water. It was only when I asked that they refunded money for the drinks we did not consume,

I am glad that we have other local Wingstops, for we shall not go back to the Vallejo one in a hurry.

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I associate the wearing of stickers with young children; school kids with gold stars awarded for minor achievements. Today, I saw lots of adults proudly wearing stickers. They all bore the legend “I Voted”. Since I am not a citizen, I did not have an opportunity to vote and join the group with the sticker.

If I lived in Chicago, I would presumably see people with multiple stickers.

Useless fact:
No Republican has won without Nixon or Bush on the ticket since 1928.

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Rain and Chocolate

This year it started to rain on All Hallow’s Eve; reducing the number of trick and treaters substantially. This left us with more chocolate bars than expected. It seems evidence that every cloud has a silver lining; though in this case it is silver wrappings on the 3 Musketeers bars.

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