Back to the Past

I rewatched Back to the Future, a film in which the hero travels back from 1985 to 1955. It remains a thoroughly enjoyable picture, but as it made fun of how different the 50’s were from the 80’s, it occurred to be that 1985 is almost as far in the past as 1955 was to Marty McFly and the original cinema audience.

The second film is set in 2016 and is chock full of things that will not be happening in the next three years. Flying cars, and compost driven home fusion reactors are definitely improbable by 2015 and as for the cubs winning the World Series, that moves into pure fantasy.

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Even worse than my French

I am not a fluent French speaker; I failed my French O-Level twice. I do know enough to recognize that the word entrée means entrance on a menu should refer to a starter. Yet for some bizarre reason here in the US the word appears regularly on menus to describe the main course. If you are going to use a word from a foreign language one should try to use it correctly.

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