Schadenfreude Karma

The week before last A’s fans were enjoying the discomfort of Giants’ fans as news emerged that their star offensive player, Melky Cabrera had been suspended for fifty games after a positive test for performance enhancing drugs. The pleasure in their embarrassment and blow to their playoff hopes was short-lived. Last week we heard news that one of the A’s starting pitchers, Bartolo Colon had received the same punishment for the same offense.


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The impact on the A’s play-off hopes is probably less than that on the team from SF. The Giants are short on offense; the A’s have strong starting pitching – even more so after the return from injury of Brett Anderson the day before the news about Colon broke.

It is a shame that the shadow of Performance Enhancing Drugs has returned to haunt baseball; especially to Bay Area teams. The Giants and the A’s will always be associated with the steroid era due to the self confessed and alleged usage by several players on both teams.

At least now that drug testing is performed, the cheats stand the risk of being caught as has happened twice in the last fortnight. I hope we can return our focus to what looks like a nail-biting race towards the post-season.

Let’s Go Oakland.

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