The Supreme American Gift to World Culture

The title of the post is a quote from Bernard De Voto, an American author. He was describing the same thing that H.L. Mencken described as “The only American invention as perfect as a sonnet.”

On what work of art did these two men bestow such praise?

It is a drink, one whose origin are a mystery, but whose name probably derived from the nearby city of Martinez. I found both of these quotes and the origin of the name in a fascinating article about Martini.

I enjoy drinking Martini, my preferred Gin is Hendricks, which I use at home and request when ordering out. 

I was in Dallas a couple of weeks back and was frustrated that when I ordered a Martini. The waiter’s response was to ask me what Vodka I wanted. I am impressed that I politely responded that I wanted Gin. I did not point out that if I had wanted Vodka, I would have asked for a Vodka Martini, a Vodkatini, or a Kangaroo. I know that in the US Vodka has become the preffered spirit for Martini’s, possibly due to the influence of a fictional English spy. However, the correct question is either “Gin or Vodka”, or “Which Gin” – never assume Vodka.

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