Christmas Shopping

I know that June has just begun, but we bought a Christmas ornament today. Fortunately, it was not because the stores have brought out their decorations even earlier this year. Today, was our local garage sale. Many of the houses in the neighborhood were selling stuff from their garage and driveways. By focusing the effort on a single day, it brought many people out.

We had intended to browse, but we ended up making several purchases. The first one was the aforementioned ornament, that was just $3. The next one was a pair of barstools, ideal for our outside bar. These were $30 for the pair. We paid and told the seller we would be back later with our SUV to collect.

Not all of the sellers had wares that we wanted. Much of the stuff should have gone straight to the garbage. Of course, this is the Bay Area, so cutting edge technology was available; VHS, music cassettes, even 8-Track tape players.

Our final purchase from a group of young woman who had designer shoes. My wife bought a pair for $15. She was lusting after a Coach pair, but they were too small. The sellers told her that they had someone try to haggle over a $5 price on a pair of designer shoes; there is bargain hunting and there is being totally unreasonable.

I was restrained and did not purchase any of the tie-dye shirts that one couple were selling.

This was a delightful way of spending a few hours wandering around on a warm, breeze temperature limited morning.

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