Cocktail Covers

I was in a shoe store whilst my wife browsed their clearance items. I recently purchased smart black shoes. My casual shoes, sandals, slippers, and walking shoes were fine – thus I had no need for another pair.

I meandered and looked around. I then heard a cover of “Don’t You Want Me”. It was an insipid, tinkly version of the original. The meaning of the lyrics ripped away by having a single voice sing both the male and female parts.

I heard a couple comment as the song reached its end; “The music makes me think we should be drinking martinis.” A perfect summary for a lifeless cocktail-bar version of a song that for me at least has deep memories.

Published in: on 29 May, 2012 at 6:15  Comments (1)  

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  1. First, just because you recently purchased a pair of smart black shoes (and I agree, they are indeed quite nice) doesn’t mean you don’t need additional shoes. I simply don’t understand.

    Second, I think it’s a game in the making to determine which cocktail is inspired by insipid cover versions of lousy 1980’s tunes.

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