Bank On It

I know that I often see things in a different light from most other people; even more so as a Brit he in the US. However,when it comes to my bank’s iPhone app, I feel confident that it is the bank whose views are out of step and not mine.

I log in to the app with a username and password. The latter being one I use for no other purpose than banking. Once in the app, I can check balances and make payments. A recent revision allows me to deposit cheques (or since it is a US bank – checks) by using the phone to take a picture of front and back. This gets checks to the bank more rapidly than mailing them to my branch in the South of the state. What is odd, is that in order to perform this function, the app requests additional verification of identity. I need to enter the full 16 digits of my debit/ATM card and the last four of my social security number.

If someone had my iPhone and wished to use my bank account, which is the more likely scenario? That they would take money from my account, or pay funds that were not mine into the account? I think that the former is the usual way that dishonest men use bank details. It is clear that with the additional security measures, my bank thinks that it is the latter case against which they must protect me.

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