LBJ: The Kindergarden Years

I have mentioned my fascination with American Presidential biographies. I have several dozen books on the subject, but do not have every president covered. There are a few men for whom I have many books. Theodore Roosevelt is one, Lyndon Johnson another. There is one LBJ biography that is one of my favorites; Robert Caro’s multi-volume work.

The third book came out ten years ago. I was late to the series, reading them out of order and completing the second book last in 2006. Thus there is no hyperbole when I say that I have been waiting years for the fourth and final volume, which was published May 1 this year. This book covers his vice presidential and presidential years – yes it took three volumes to cover the life of a president up to the point of his election on the JFK ticket. This is a very detailed book, which oddly makes it easier to read than many shorter biographies. The wealth of detail makes it more of a story, gives real context, and removes the impression of reading a list of events.

Unfortunately, I find myself with a mass of proposals to read for work, so I shall have to wait a little while longer before I start.

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