Not one of the worst movies ever

There is a cult 1960s British TB show called The Avengers. It is one of the most obviously British and obviously sixties programs ever made. In the late nineties, a movie version was made. We rented it, back in the day that films came on tape. We should have noticed that the tape was wound a third off the way through. Films were usually politely rewound to start or left at the end. After twenty minutes we understood why it we found it in such a state; this was a film that was so bad it would out stink a port-a-loo at the end of a weekend pop festival. I cannot claim it was the worst movie that I have ever seen, as we gave up after those twenty minutes.

This weekend a movie with the same title opened, to a massive box office and generally good reviews. This does not draw from the same source material, but from the Marvel comics. Written and directed by the recently mentioned Joss Whedon, I am sure that if people still used tapes to see films, we would not find a rental copy one third of the way through. However, we shall not wait for it to appear as a rental, as we plan to see it one night his week.

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  1. You won’t be disappointed. I saw it over the weekend, and can’t find one fault with it. Great acting, action, script and CGI. One word of advice, stay thru the credits, I didn’t and missed out on additional scenes.

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