The Most Insignificant Office

I have mentioned before my interest in US Presidential politics. I adored the Aaron Sorkin created “West WIng”, which I am in the process of re-watching on my iPad when I travel. I was excited, therefore, to see a new HBO comedy show called Veep. It is written by ???, and focuses, as the title suggests, on the Vice President.

The first episode on Sunday was clearly influenced by the aforementioned West Wing. People talked rapidly, whilst walking briskly around the building. That is where the resemblence ended; the level of smart never approached Sorkin level. For a comedy it was short on wit, unless you take utterances of F*** as the epitome of humour, in which case this was comedic gold. I finished the first episode with no interest in any of the characters; a failing in what is written as a character centred show.

Given the pedigree of the creator and cast, I shall watch one or two more before giving up, but expectations are badly dented. My hope is now focused on another forthcoming HBO show; the Sorkin penned Newsroom.

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  1. I also adore West wing, sometimes I learn mgt skills from them 🙂

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