A Movie Just for Me

I have had a long fascination with Vampire fiction. It should be noted that I am firmly in the Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle camp; but nearly any other blood-sucking film or book attracts my interest. I acknowledge that even discounting Twilight fans, I am far from alone in my Vampire interest.


I also read about American Presidents. I have a bookshelf full of biographies, auto-biographies, and other books about the forty or so men who have held that office. I suspect that there are a fewer people who share that interest. There are clearly enough to justify some films on the subject to be made. Stephen Spielberg will be releasing an Abraham Lincoln biopic, staring Daniel Day Lewis, later this year.


The intersection between these two areas of interest would seem low. Those who read history about political leaders and those who revel in stories of the blood-drinking undead are not often the same person. At least, that was my assumption. Yet, as this movie trailer shows, Hollywood must think differently. I give you Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

Presidents and Vampires together at last

Which of this year’s Abe Lincoln movies will contain the most historical inaccuracies?

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  1. I was hoping to read the book by Seth Grahame-Smith before the movie version was released. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I’m looking forward to seeing this movie. 🙂

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