More Horsepower

My first car had a 1.3l engine. The next one had 1.4l. Then I had three 1.8l engines. My last three cars in the UK had a 2.0l engine. That trio were, by British standards, powerful cars. They also shared the greatest badge in automotive history.


The car I bought in the US had a 3.5l engine that generates a little over 300hp. When I push the loud pedal, the car leaps forward in  a manner that thrills every part of my testerone.


My wife drives a 4×4 which has a 5.7l V8 engine, which produces 390hp. The extra weight means it lacks the wide grin creation  that my car creates, but if you need to overtake it has more than sufficient power.


A while ago a colleague from the UK rented a Camaro SS. He allowed me to drive his coupe. (I like to bask in Bacchus’s blessing, but even I have can be persuaded to be designated driver if the price is right.)

This car had a 6.2l V8 engine;exceeding my wife’s car without giving a usable second row of seats, let alone the third row that her SUV allows.  It offers 422bhp. I have never been so grateful of a gimmick as as I was of the Camaro’s head up display. It projected the speed so it appeared to be floating above the car’s bonnet(US=Hood). This was a car that wanted cops to take your license and for you to enjoy every moment until that happened.


I would show you a picture of the HUD speed display in action, but every shot I can find via Google shows that Camaro drivers are way more sensible than  I expected and the pictures show the car at rest.

I am certain that because US taxes on petrol are much less than those in Europe that Americans make such over-powered cars. My conscious tells me that is wrong, but every time I push down on the accelerator instincts far older and deeper than reason take over. 

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