Spring Training

Spring Training is the name given to the preseason practice for baseball. Teams go to either Arizona or Florida to get into shape and evaluate players. It sounds not dissimilar to preseason football friendlies in the UK from that description. Where it differs is the amount of attention that spring training receives. People take vacations to travel down and watch the practice games. Today, I was even able to watch one of the games live on TV. Granted, it was on one of the local sports channel and featured the San Francisco Giants against the A’s; so full of local interest. Unfortunately, the Giants won comfortably (7-2) with “The Freak” being the winning pitcher.

It was still great to see a baseball game after several months of drought. It help mitigates what seems like a long wait until April and the A’s first real home game. I use the word real, as later in March the A’s will play the Mariners in two games that count as home games for the A’s in Japan.

At least the A’s did not have to wear a bizarrely colour clashing uniform. Today was St Patricks Day, so the Giants had green caps which did not go with their black and orange uniforms.


In their other preseason game on Saturday, the A’s beat the Cubs  4-3. The A’s record in these warm-ups is 12-4; unfortunately these games have little bearing on actual form. I doubt that this ratio of wins against losses will be reflected in the real season. A 120 win season is not only unlikely given the A’s squad, but also beats the all time record by four games. But at least I can dream for the next few weeks of a post-season run.

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